Why is Forest School Important?
If kids don't have a connection and love for the natural world, they won't care to protect it. It's just that simple. Helping children foster a sense of stewardship for the land is more crucial now than ever. It's time for us to reconnect to the earth and build a healthy relationship with our planet.
Plus, spending time outdoors is just good for you! A substantial body of research has shown the enormous benefits that spending time in nature has on our lives. Just take a walk in the woods to understand and experience this undeniable truth for yourselves.
In 2014 the Canadian Parks Council published Connecting Canadians with Nature - An Investment in the Well-Being of our Citizens (available online at http://www.parks-parcs.ca/english/ConnectingCanadians-English_web.pdf). The document outlines some of the research on the benefits of spending time in nature. Here as just a few...
Reduces stress
Strengthens the  immune system
Lowers blood pressure
Improves concentration and cognition
Supports mental health
Prevents ADHD symptoms
Improves eyesight
Encourages a positive mindset
Emotional and physical wellbeing
Creates opportunities for physical activities 
Promotes calmness
Builds a long lasting nature realtionship
Disease prevention
Not entirely convinced yet?
The Forest and Nature School in Canada: A Head, Heart, Hands Approach to Outdoor Learning publication also outlines some of the benefits from participating in Forest School...
Improves confidence, social skills, communication motivation and concentration 
Improves physical stamina, fine and gross motor skills
Fosters environmentally sustainable behaviours and ecological literacy 
Encourages healthy and safe risk-taking
Improves academic achievement and self-regulation 
Improves creativity and resilience